Why should I care about hormones?

Why Should I Care About Hormones?

Why Should I Care About Hormones? The last few months, I have been doing ample research, spending copious amounts of time on hormones and why I should give a rats ass about hormones. The blog here is my discovery summarized. Note that I am no expert, but what I have documented here is vetted.

My intent through this blog article is to share with the world, what I have discovered and experienced these past 9+ months. Such that you don’t have to spend 9+ months like I, but a mere few (6) minutes, trusting that my education and journey is factual, truthful and practical to convince you that you should give Functional Medicine a serious consideration.

I am 40+ overweight fairly successful IT consultant and a business owner, with a slowly deteriorating health function. The deterioration is slow and minuscule over a period of time, that I almost credited my age for each of the symptoms. The symptoms could be summarized as;

  • An increase in heart palpitations,
  • Losing muscle strength,
  • Inability to hold/grip things (dropping things for no reason, thinking I have them in my hand and the next thing I know the item is on the ground),
  • Lack of concentration,
  • Low immunity (prone to catching cold every time the season changes or someone sneezes).

This journey is as much mine as is yours.

With 1/3rd of the world’s population heading towards a state of certified obesity by 2025, this is the time to act and action starts with education. And don’t get me wrong, this is not a battle against obesity, this is a battle for human health – Obesity is one of the easiest forms of measuring the extent of ill health. As again from my research I understand, obesity is just an indicator of underlying chronic illnesses that are just waiting for the right time to raise their ugly heads. My intent through this article is to make a huge dent into this supposed path that mankind is on and show, through education and action, that trend remains just that – a projection and not a reality.

Enough said, let the crash course begin – right?

Hormones – what the hell are they and why should I care?

Hormones are chemical messengers that are released by various glands within our body, to trigger respective body functions. For example, insulin is a hormone made by the Pancreas. Insulin is released to convert the sugar we consume in our diets (through carbohydrates) into energy or into glucose for use in the future. Insulin also regulates and thus maintains our blood sugar levels such that we do not become hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic.

Just like Insulin, hormones are released by our internal organs to trigger certain bodily functions at the time that they are required.

Role that hormones play in our bodies

Hormones support or regulate our body functions. Such as;

  1. Affect and support our growth and development
  2. Determine our ability and degree of metabolism
  3. Support our sexual health and reproductive functions
  4. Aid our cognitive function and support our moods
  5. Regulate body temperature and thirst

The lifestyle and how it affects hormones

Experts are of the opinion that hormones are at the core when it comes to balancing weight, sleep, moods, blood pressure, reproductive functions and stress management. In other words, everything that we do in life is controlled by our hormones.

Medical practitioners have also been raising awareness of correcting these hormonal imbalances in almost every body and at almost every age. These very practitioners have also been talking, educating the masses of how using the principles of Functional Medicine, one can balance these hormones through natural methods such as diet.

The bottom line – why should I care?

Paraphrasing – hormones determine how I feel, how I act, what I eat and how I function day in day out. We are constantly telling ourselves, I wish I had more energy, I wish my immunity was better. I do not feel like doing [email protected]#$ even though I know I should. I am not happy with the way my body looks, I am lethargic, so and so forth. All of the above, “I can,” and “I can’t,” have one family of chemicals to blame – hormones.

Hormones are both the culprits and the enablers – what is the secret? How do I turn this culprit to the great enabler?

The answer is – FOOD.

That is it, food? The great big solution?

Why does the solution need to be any more dramatic? Why does the solution need to be something catastrophically significant and unattainable to attain importance and value? In this particular case – it’s just food.

Functional Medicine

The science of Functional Medicine, and the fundamentals of the practice are embedded in foods. No not the crap that comes out of a can or in a plastic bottle, but the green, orange, red and all other rainbow colours of food you find in your grocery store. That is right, through each meal, I can balance my hormones, through each meal, I can get that much closer to a well-balanced and optimal functioning body. Ain’t this the cheapest and most practical solution of it all.

I eat every day. And therefore if I knew what the right combination of foods is that help me balance one hormone over the others, I can maintain optimum health. And that my friends is the fuss about hormones and eating right.

Different ways of balancing hormones

The key is eating right.

“Eating right you say – but I am eating right.”

How do you know what is right or wrong for you? Is whole wheat right for you? Is Beef right for you? Are carrots – “right,” for you?

If spinach has the ability to affect and balance a certain type of hormone, does it have the ability therefore to tip the scale in those people where that hormone does not need any attention.

How do you know what is right and what is not, without first assessing your hormone levels and your body type?

“I am lazy, I want to assess my hormone levels and my body type without ever leaving my couch.”

“I wish there was a Functional Medicine practitioner and Nutritionist that could come over, right here right now, assess me within minutes and provide me with a list of what I can eat and what I should avoid.”

Well folks – that very need is now met by www.fantasticlife.ca

Fantastic Life

Fantastic Life is a nutritionist and Functional Medicine practitioner developed app – the world’s first hormone balancing Nutrition solution.

Within a mere minutes you are asked the same set of questions that you fill out in a Functional Medicine and Nutritionist’s office. Your body type is revealed within seconds of answering those questions and a nutrition plan is generated. You could follow the nutrition plan to a Tee or to whatever degree you can. Or you could just use the app to track what you consume daily to know what percentage of what you are putting in your body is good for you and what percentage is not. Aren’t you curious to know if you are controlling your hormones or are your hormones controlling you?

My 2 cents – Your hormones are always controlling you, you are just telling them how you want to be controlled 🙂

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