When is the Best Time to Exercise?

Do you exercise? And do you exercise consistently, day in and day out? Consistency is more important than the time of the day. Listen to Veronica Yoo explain why?

Why do we exercise?

Exercise plays a very vital role in our physical body and with our mental health. It releases a lot of endorphins, helps reduce stress and tension. It strengthens our body and helps build immunity. Exercising has a lot of positive value to our health and life with zero negative side effects.

And therefore the following question often comes up with our subscribers. Is there a best time of the day to exercise?

We all lead such busy lives with commitments and schedules that finding time to exercise is often the number one reason why people don’t exercise. However, to get the most out of exercise the key is consistency. Be it as simple an exercise as walking, consistently following the regiment is what drives change and results. Exercise does not produce the desired results overnight or in one session, and hence sticking to a schedule that works for you and being consistent is important. If morning works per your schedule, then morning it is. If afternoons work then afternoons it is.

Unless you are a bodybuilder, who have trained their body, avoid this – Do not exercise 2 to 3 hrs before going to bed. Exercise activates the body, which is not the state you would like to hit the bed in.

Stay tuned to our upcoming blog and video on sleep and the physiological effects of sleep on the body and mind.

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