How Does Fantastic Life Help Nutritionists?

Using the Fantastic Life app, Nutritionists can now provide a more personal experience. User’s track their diet and lifestyle in their micro details. This data is now available to Nutritionists for better and more accurate consultation.

The world’s obesity levels have been increasing year over year. The WHO (World Health Organization) predicts that by the year 2025, one-fifth of the world’s population will be obese. Can you imagine every third person you meet is well on their way to acquiring one or more chronic illnesses? The role of a Nutritionist and Functional Medicine practitioner has become that much more important and needed. The various educational institutions cannot keep up with the current need/demand for nutritionists. Not everyone who needs a nutritionist will have access to one.

Who are Nutritionists?

Nutritionists are certified professionals that assess our current lifestyle and our habits, evaluate the state of our bodies, and then recommend the right steps we ought to take to restore well-balanced health. We often underestimate the effectiveness of nutritionists and tend to seek help  only when we want to “lose weight.”

For example, did you know there is such a thing as skinny fat?

Yes, losing weight is associated with obesity, but then not all forms of obesity are the same. A nutritionist will determine our lifestyle habits and choices based on the shape of our body. The shape of our body gives nutritionists a clue of which type(s) of chronic illnesses we could acquire in the future if our lifestyle is unchecked.

Nutritionists are not just a weight loss program – they are a niche group within the medical care community that plays a significant role in preventive health. Nutritionists reduce pressure on the medical systems, save us money in the long term and help us lead long and fruitful lives.

How Does Fantastic Life Help Nutritionists?

Fantastic Life is the personal assistant that a nutritionist needs to provide care to their clients.

The Fantastic Life tool & tracker is readily accessible to help clients at all times when the nutritionist is not physically available.

This tracker helps a nutritionist’s client:

  1. Log and keep track of all that they consume – diligently,
  2. Log and keep track of all their activities, including sleep, exercise, and stress-reducing activities,
  3. Decide which foods to enjoy and which to avoid,
  4. Breakdown meals into component ingredients for more detailed and meticulous tracking of what is being consumed, and
  5. Detect the trend they are setting, ie.  Are they in a steady upward trend? Are they in a steady decline state? Or are they in a yo-yo pattern?

Fantastic Life app is a nutrition & lifestyle tracker for nutritionists and their clients. It maintains a constant connection between a nutritionist and their client.

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