Fantastic Life & Fit Camp Foods Partner to bring Hormone Balancing Meals to Vancouver

Fit Camp Foods Meal Prep Company Vancouver

Fit Camp Foods – A Vancouver Meal Prep Company

Since the launch of Fantastic Life, the world’s first hormone balancing eNutrition app, we have learnt a few things alongside our users.

Our users have a strong desire to understand their body type, figure out which hormones need more focus and how to restore that hormonal balance. The problem is getting on the path to balancing these hormones is an unfamiliar one. Let’s face it, how many of you have had a conversation about your body’s hormones with yourself or with anyone?

Our users, they want to get on this path, but this requires a change in habits. Habits such as picking different ingredients from strange aisles in the grocery store, planning meals, finding healthier recipes and making these meals.

Habits can be formed in as quickly as 21-28 days or it can take longer. Whatever the pace may be, Fantastic Life has a solution! Our solution includes the expertise of our local meal prep businesses. Their goals and their mission statement aligns with ours: educate the benefits of healthy eating and feed our users healthy meals.

Fit Camp Foods

Fit Camp Foods is a local meal prep company, located right here, where Fantastic Life started – Vancouver, BC.

Fit Camp Foods is owner operated by a delightful and high energy duo of Evann Ryan & Armin Bahmanpour. They have been serving the Lower Mainland, delivering daily meals to a dedicated following of amazing subscribers who rely on their meal prep services.

Why Fit Camp Foods?

  1. A significant amount of their produce & ingredients are local.
  2. Their dishes and meal prep is every bit Fantastic Life friendly.
  3. Their meals truly pack the nutrition that we highly recommend our subscribers consume.


What’s the benefit to You?

Yes! We have not forgotten about you. For being a Fantastic Life subscriber – you get;

  1. 30% off on your first Fit Camp Foods order.
  2. 15% off on all your subsequent orders as a part of your regular subscription to Fit Camp Foods.

Not only do you, our customer using Fantastic Life’s eNutrition app get to find out what your body type is, what you should eat and which ingredients you should avoid, you now also have Fit Camp Foods in your corner helping you build a healthy habit. Now that is true local partnership!

Thanks Evann & Armin!

How do I take advantage of this discount?

  1. Go to Sign up.
  2. Create a profile. Set a goal.
  3. Use the Fantastic Life app to determine which foods to eat and which to avoid.

Like Fantastic Life on Facebook and DM us on Facebook or Instagram with the email address you signed up with and receive the special code that gets you discounts on those nutritious meals courtesy of Fit Camp Foods.

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