Which Dry Foods Should I Keep at Hand – A Nutritionist’s Guide

We are stocking up on foods. Growing up, I remember the time in school when we were educated on how canned foods, dry ingredients, flour, et al were considered great items for stocking up. I will go out on a limb to think that my educator in those times fathomed we would ever have to stock up. But here we are in our new reality, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are preparing and stocking up.

What should we really stock up on?

Pasta – when thinking of stocking up, we think of foods like pasta and rice that keep for a long time. Pasta tastes great – but it’s just that – it tastes great. Pasta is ok to have now and then, but there are better alternatives like Steel Cut Oats.

On the topic of oats – avoid cereal. The reason why cereal tastes so good is because they are designed to taste good, in other words they contain a lot of sugar. Avoid sugar especially if our new reality is leaning more and more towards a sedentary lifestyle.

If I am baking, what are good alternatives for flour?

Almond and coconut flour are better alternatives for regular flour. And your baked goods taste just as good and in some cases they might even taste better. But the important thing is that they are so much better alternatives for our health.

If not Pasta and White Rice, what are the alternatives?

The following are excellent sources of fibre and carbohydrates;

    1. Millet
    2. Ancient grain
    3. Wild rice, Black rice
    4. Quinoa
    5. Lentils

When getting nuts and seeds, get raw and unsalted.

I like canned beans, is there an alternative?

Beans are perfect food as they contain, fibre, protein, carbohydrates and fat. They are cheap and keep for a long time. An ideal way to prepare dry beans is soaking them overnight. By doing this you will eliminate oligosaccharides, which are types of sugar that are poorly digested by the body that are typically found in beans. As an experiment, try your favourite brand of canned beans and then try overnight soaked beans. Make sure you rinse the soaked beans before eating them. On a scale of 1 to 10 rate, sugar, salt, taste and flavour between the two forms and make the decision for yourself. In terms of nutrition, dishes made from dry beans after soaking and removing those toxins is better than most canned versions.

I like seaweed – Nori

Dry seaweed is great as it is an excellent source of Iodine.

Let’s talk flavour – Herbs

I recommend herbs that have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties such as:










Cayenne Pepper

Black Pepper




Ensure that every dish that you prepare, has one of or many of these antiviral herbs to boost your body’s immunity.

And when in doubt?

There is www.fantasticlife.ca. For your specific body type, trust the Fantastic Life eNutrition app to recommend the right ingredients that work for your body type.

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