App Upgrade – Food & Nutrition Tracking

​As of Friday, June 14th 2019, on the fantastic life app, our users would have discovered a new way of entering and tracking Nutrition info.

We are proud to announce that after extensive R&D, Development and Testing, we have launched this updated feature.

We compared the ease of tracking daily food consumption on popular services such as myfitnesspal, Noom, Lifesum, etc and took a completely fresh approach. While being able to log more detailed information about the ingredients on each dish, we ensured that it did not compromise the time it took to enter this data.

Hence with the latest update our users shall notice are;

  1. Entering Commons foods into the tracker takes the same amount of time as other apps, and when one becomes familiar with the user interface, its even faster.
  2. While it’s faster to enter these foods and dishes, unlike any other app, users are able to break down the dish into its individual ingredient and its nutritional value, which has always been our value proposition.
  3. Customize your dish – while it’s easy to search and add a dish, one can add/remove/update ingredients and quantities with the same ease.
  4. Multiple Quantities – we now support multiple quantities and multiple measurements for each ingredient.
  5. Add to Favourites – Dishes that are prepared and consumed often can now be added to the favourite list. @Steve, you know who you are – thank-you for the suggestion.
  6. Customize & add your own recipe/dish – Now users can create their own dish/recipe and save it to favourites for quick retrieval.

We heard our users and we shall continue to listen to them, as we grow together through this journey. Our commitment is towards good restorative health and making it as easy to practice the fantastic life as possible. And in that we value our users constant feedback and appreciate the support.

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