Balance Hormones! Improve Energy, Lose Weight & Get Healthy. From The Inside.

Fantastic life builds a strong human body by focusing on internal health. Using principles of Functional Medicine, this naturopath and nutritionist-driven solution helps users change their health outcomes, without dramatically changing their lifestyle

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Gain Health. Naturally!

Hormones are right at the center of balancing weight, sleep, moods, blood pressure, reproductive functions and stress management. Everything that we do in life is controlled by our hormones.
Fantastic Life App helps users restore this hormonal balance through daily meals.

An Affordable Solution

That costs less than 2 cups of coffee a month.

How important is getting rid of that bloating feeling for you?

Benefits of Fantastic Life

Because a healthy life needs a well balanced Gut and Hormones

Measure Health.
Not Calories

A healthy life starts with an understanding of what is good and what is not good for your personal body and lifestyle. Fantastic Life is not about just calorie starvation.

Energy Levels

Clean eating, with ample exercise for the body and mind, is what supports a well-balanced physique with optimal energy levels. Energy levels that are naturally sustained by the good food you eat.


The right foods, in the right quantities, aid in restoring the hormonal balance in one's body. Fantastic Life, understands your body's current hormonal state.

Your Gut

We are what we eat, and we are what we digest. All disease begins in the gut & thriving health begins in the gut. Balance your gut ratios with Fantastic Life today.

Like Having A Naturopath In Your Pocket

For all age groups and all walks of life. For all citizens of the world.Supporting multiple languages, local ingredients, and global cuisines. With a database of 600,000 ingredients and dishes, Fantastic life is one powerful datasource that guides its users from around the world on the best choices of foods for their body.

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How Fantastic Life Works ?

  • Sign Up

    On the home page, click sign up to launch the web app. Use either a personal email, or social media login to complete sign up.

  • Build a User Profile

    Answer the 85 symptom & lifestyle based questionnaire. Find out your body type and complete building your profile.

  • Start Using the App

    Complete Payment. And start using the app. On the profile screen, use the "Add to Home" function to save app on your phone's screen.

Towards High-Quality Life

Let's take control of our lives, let's eat right, sleep well, exercise often, build healthy individuals and healthy communities.
A Fantastic Life for all.

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