Worldwide obesity has
nearly tripled since 1975

World's first hormone balancing nutrition app, built by nutritionists and functional medicine coaches.

Lose weight. Balance hormones. Lead a healthier life.

Balancing hormones one meal at a time!

Hormones are right in the centre of balancing weight, sleep, moods, blood pressure, reproductive functions and stress management. In other words, everything that we do in life is controlled by our hormones.

For 2 cups of coffee a month...

Make a commitment to yourself - eat right, eat healthy, keep chronic illnesses away.

Let Fantastic Life show you how.

Benefits of Fantastic Life

Because a healthy life needs a well balanced Gut and Hormones

Lead Healthier Life

A healthy life starts with an understanding of what is good and what is not good for your personal body and lifestyle. Fantastic Life is not about just calorie starvation.

Boost Energy Levels

Clean eating, with ample exercise for the body and mind, is what supports a well-balanced physique with optimal energy levels. Energy levels that are naturally sustained by the good food you eat.

Balance Hormones

The right foods, in the right quantities, aid in restoring the hormonal balance in one's body. Fantastic Life, understands your body's current hormonal state.

Heal Your Gut

We are what we eat, and we are what we digest. All disease begins in the gut & thriving health begins in the gut. Balance your gut ratios with Fantastic Life today.

Intuitive App Design,
Easy to use

For all age groups and all walks of life. For all citizens of the world. Supporting multiple languages, local ingredients, and global cuisines. Fantastic life is one powerful datasource that guides its users from around the world on the best choices of foods for their body.

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How Fantastic Life Works ?

  • Sign Up

    On the home page, click sign up to launch the web app. Use either a personal email, or social media login to complete sign up.

  • Build a User Profile

    Answer the 85 symptom & lifestyle based questionnaire. Find out your body type and complete building your profile.

  • Start Using the App

    Complete Payment. And start using the app. On the profile screen, use the "Add to Home" function to save app on your phone's screen.

A Long Healthy Life,
is Our Human Right.

Let's take control of our lives, let's eat right, sleep well, exercise often, build healthy individuals and healthy communities.
A Fantastic Life for all.

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Micheline Issa
Micheline Issa
“I met Veronica about a year and half ago when I was thinking of competing for my first body building show and all I can say is she made it possible and it was the most amazing experience of my life! With her professionalism she made me look my best, confident, healthy and strong! I will recommend her to any person would like to change their life to be healthy or to loose knows it all and working with her makes it so easy and enjoyable! Veronica Yoo is the BEST!!!!”
Melissa Menard
Melissa Menard
“Veronica is an incredible and inspiring woman. She is one of the strongest persons I have EVER met. Her mind is in perfect harmony with her body and it is very beautiful to see. In addition, she pays attention to listen our needs and objectives in order to develop a plan so that we can meet our goals. Each person is different and she has the ability to bring everyone to be the best they can be... Since I have met her, I changed my lifestyle and my relationship with foods and exercises. I am balanced and healthier now. I am eternally grateful for everything that she has done for me. Thanks again for everything.”
Sandra Skinner
Sandra Skinner
“In September, Veronica came to meet my husband in a consultation. Veronica is skilled in her filed. She knew the genetic heart disease that my husband had which led to his heart transplant two years ago. Since then, he has struggled with losing weight which is necessary because he will be having another surgery next month. We are happy that with Veronica’s plan, he has lost over 30 pounds and is able to have this surgery.
Roberto Gonzalez
Roberto Gonzalez
“I contacted Veronica because I really needed to get back to a healthier lifestyle and was looking for a long term outcome. Couldn’t believe the positive changes after a week of following her plan, lost weight and my energy levels went up significantly. I’m extremely happy with the way she approaches her clients and how effective her plans are recommend Veronica for anyone looking to live a healthier and happier life.”

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Who Should Use Fantastic Life?

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